The IT World at Notino

April 2017

Notino’s IT department is growing at lightning speed, with a new development center in Ostrava having been opened just a few weeks ago in March. Why are we so determined to expand this part of our business? And what is it like to work in the IT department of our company? We asked Martin Bobek, our Lead Developer.

Martin has been the head of our development since January and he dived straight into work without hesitation. Previously he had worked at and Moravia IT, leading a team of 200 employees.


What brought you to Notino?

“It was a coincidence, really. Me and Michal Zámec have a shared acquaintance, so we got talking one day and decided it might be interesting for me to have a look at how things work at Notino. A few meetings later, I agreed to help with the current expansion process. Notino is a very dynamic company and I knew from the start that I can be of use here.”

What does the IT department at Notino look like?

“There are currently two divisions, Operations/Support and Development. Operations/Support are mostly the responsibility of my colleague Vladan Novotný who’s been with the company for some time. These people deal with system maintenance and application support—basically solving everyday problems as they occur.

My division—Development—is responsible for 3 key systems which control every process from purchase, pricing, orders, warehouses or finance to delivery, returns and customer support. Each of these areas has a so-called “product owner” who communicates with corresponding departments and creates a prioritised list of requests regarding system functionality. The product owners then hand the requests to their teams of developers. The development itself usually happens in two-week iterations and we mostly use Scrum software.

We’re also working on the online store, which is our main business route. The development center we’re currently building in Ostrava will mostly serve to maintain and support this part of our business.”

What are the plans for IT development this year?

“The most important thing is to get our systems ready for 100,000 orders a day in the busiest season, which is November and December.

Then there are of course the changes brought on by the expansion of Notino to foreign markets, plus the short-term tasks that have to do with process optimisation and functionality. This year we also want to reduce our technical debt to be able to expand our systems in the long run. We’re having a lot of discussions about architecture, technologies, testing and deployment.”

Why was Ostrava chosen as the place to open a  new development centre?

“After some preliminary research we have quickly established that we were going to need bigger teams to allow for the expansion of our business as best we can. We can’t afford to rely primarily on junior staff, we need people who have a lot of experience and are capable of advanced coding and creating quality software architecture. This just wasn’t something that we could do in Brno. But we knew that there were enough qualified people in Ostrava, which is why we decided to build our development centre there. Now I’m hoping that we’ll be able to establish really strong teams and offer some very interesting junior positions. Another bonus is that we are now a new and attractive employer for IT professionals in the region.”

What type of person should join your team?

“We’re looking for people who are positive, open and proactive. Our ideal colleague is more of an extroverted person, and those aren’t that easy to come by in our line of work, but so far we’ve managed to find them. We also appreciate people who have a lot of interests outside of work, for instance they play sports or have another hobby. But the main thing is obviously their level of professional experience with C#, .NET and MSSQL, including front-end web technologies like ReactJS and TypeScript. It’s really a sum of the right personality and expertise.“

If you had to pick just one reason why people should join Notino’s IT team, what would you say?

“I would just say that it really is an amazing job.” 


You have also starred in our recruitment campaign video. What was that like?

“I felt pretty comfortable, actually. For me it was simply part of what we do in this company and I enjoyed getting support from people in other departments. That’s the spirit of Notino. Not to mention that the result looks very professional and exciting—not because of my presence, but because of the hard work of the people who created it. I’m looking forward to shooting more videos like this one.”

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