The Heart of Notino in Rajhrad

April 2017

Notino has individual websites for 15 countries around the world and processes 20,000 parcels every day, a number which rises to 60,000 around Christmastime. But very few people know that all European orders are shipped from our warehouse in the small town of Rajhrad near Brno, Czech Republic, where they are handled by our colleagues. The only exception are American orders which are processed in a warehouse in New Jersey.

Tomáš has been with Notino for 14 months as the Head of Logistics and he already had to deal with the busy Christmas season twice—in his own words, it’s “something that really gives you nerves of steel”. What helped him through it was his ample experience with logistics at companies like DHL or

What do you like about this job?

Mostly the fact I get to work with people. It’s amazing to see our team get better every day. I also appreciate that we get plenty of opportunity to have our ideas heard and implemented. We constantly try to make our processes more effective, so every good idea helps and can be put into action fairly quickly.

How has the work changed since you’ve been here?

In a word, enormously. The warehouse has doubled in size and we also expanded the packing area. The lighting has been replaced with an eco-friendly system and we’re also recycling much more than we used to—up to 46 tonnes of waste get recycled every month.

So how exactly is the work organised?

The orders don’t come in one steady flow, it depends on the weather and other factors, so we train our employees to master all our key processes including admission, completing, packing and dispatching. This means that our employees are flexible and they can do whatever needs to be done at the moment.

Our full-time employees work in shifts—they have one Sunday shift and one afternoon shift every three weeks. Our temps mostly pick Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday shifts.

And what’s it like before Christmas, when the orders really start flooding in?

We process four times as many orders as we normally do, up to 65,000 a day. This means a special financial bonus for the employees. During this time we’re also adding more shifts, for instance night shifts and those for mothers with kids. Throughout December, the warehouse is working 7 days a week just to be able to ship all the Christmas orders in time.


How do you manage to cover all of Europe from one warehouse in Rajhrad?

Our distribution centre has three main pillars: our employees, our software system (developed by our IT department to exactly match our needs) and our technological equipment such as roller bed conveyors and sorters. When everything runs the way it’s supposed to, we can comfortably ship 60,000 parcels a day.

Where did the idea of a logistics centre in New Jersey come from? And how many parcels do you complete in the US warehouse every day?

The vision of our founder Michal Zámec is to provide fragrances not just for European customers, but for people all over the world. So far we have a small distribution centre in the US with 8 employees who process around 350 orders a day.

What are your plans for the warehouse?

Considering the fact that Notino wants to expand to even more countries, we certainly have to plan far ahead. Currently we’re looking to buy more trucks so we can supply our boutiques and collection points even better. We also want to acquire an external warehouse for 130,000 storage boxes and offer more gift-wrapping options to our customers.


What can a job candidate expect from this position?

It’s a demanding kind of work, and when someone does an exceptional job, they deserve an exceptional bonus. At the moment we’re putting together a system of special bonuses so that our employees and temp workers have a chance to earn a particularly good salary. We also provide transport to and from work and we offer English lessons. Not to mention the more informal kind of benefits, like for example our regular barbecues.

What do the employees say about their job? We asked two of them—Roman and Miluše.

Roman has been working at Notino for two years. “Before that I used to work as an apple picker for a bit of cash, but I had to do 12-hour shifts, rain or sunshine. I was looking for a more comfortable job that would be closer to my home. An agency found this position for me—the work is much nicer, it’s closer to my place and I enjoy the fact I get plenty of exercise.”

I like that I don’t have to sit all day” adds Miluše. “In the morning I get assigned a table, I turn on my radio and start working. There’s always some new product that I notice, I often think ‘wow, this looks lovely!’, and then go look it up on the website right after I come home. When I was starting here it really surprised me how friendly and helpful everyone was. No matter what you do on any given day, the people here are fantastically nice and we’re a great team.

And what does Roman think about the atmosphere at work? “Our supervisors are pretty easy to talk to and really friendly, but they obviously expect you to work hard as well. All in all, I really think our Notino team is the best.”


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